The real life story of Jake Anderson, a philanthropist with an audacious plan to open a venue which will showcase, nurture and ultimately unearth up-and-coming talents within the creative industries. Unfortunately, he underestimates the difficulty of opening a venue of this nature and he will find himself in a desperate situation as he is forced to risk everything to save the venue and ultimately his dream.

During this experience, Jake has the realisation that there many other incredible stories being played out in the creative arts world which are similar to his own experience. Armed with a video camera, he gains unprecedented access to some of our most revered and talented creative artists. He soon discovers the volatile nature of the industry and the audacity of its participants who are willing to defy the standard conventions and even break the law as they fight to ensure their survival in the brutally competitive creative industries. Despite all the controversy, the end result is simply stunning as he aspires to fulfill his ultimate ambition - to unearth our greatest creative talents.

Spanning five episodes, the Artistry series provides an incredible insight to the trials and tribulations of the creative arts world spanning the following genres: fine art, indigenous art, street art, fashion, photography, graffiti, filmmaking, music, dance and performing arts.

Series One

  • Duration: 26 mins | Closed Caption


Aspiring to unearth the incredible talents in the creative arts industry, this inexperienced philanthropist commits to an audacious plan which involves opening a cultural bar/gallery, however, he soon discovers the perplexity of the task and is forced to risk everything in an effort to save his ambitious venture.

Genre: Cultural Gallery

  • Duration: 27 mins | Closed Caption


His dream was quickly turning into a nightmare, crippled by regulations, broke and in need of a miracle, a desperate situation which inadvertently forces him down a chaotic path as he fights for his venture’s existence and his ultimate ambition to showcase the spectacular world of the creative arts.

Genre: Live Music

Artisans: Parkway Drive, We Without, Red Remedy

  • Duration: 27 mins | Closed Caption


A bride and groom have just been sprayed with black paint, victims of an incomprehensible attack by a street artist out to prove his status as one of the most notorious and influential artists in Australia.

Genre: Street Art & Graffiti

Artisans: Anthony Lister, Miso, Mankitya, Rone, Adnate, Adrian Doyle, Dvate, Kid Paris

  • Duration: 26 mins | Closed Caption


An aspiring fashion designer receives an elusive invitation to participate in Australian Fashion Week for the first time, an invitation she hesitantly accepts knowing that the event, attended by the world’s media, will inevitably make or break her fledgling label.

Genre: Fashion

Artisans: Krystel Davis, IXIAH, Design a Space

  • Duration: 27 mins | Closed Caption


Many people refer to his home city of Sydney as a cultural Chenobyle, to find out why this videographer embarks on a trip halfway across to the to the biggest art fair in the world to see how other cities are embracing the cultral arts.

Genre: Street Art & Graffiti

Artisans: Rone, Adnate, Dvate, Anthony Lister, Mankitya, Meggs

The series has been completed and is currently seeking distribution.

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